David's House

From a Shepherd to a King

David’s House is Christ-centered home for boys who have been rescued from sex trafficking or come from sexually abusive situations.  This home will accept boys up to the age of 18 year old where they can find a place to live in safety, to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and to grow to become Godly men.

 For my father and mother have forsaken me,
but the Lord will take me in
Psalm 27:10 ESV 

We will help each boy get back on track with their formal education when they are physically, mentally and emotionally capable of doing so.  If any boy is unable to attend public or Christian school (if funding is available) due to physical, mental and emotional reasons or their desire not to do so, a Christian based home school program will be provided.

Biblically based counseling will also be provided to help the boys in dealing with the emotional trauma of their abuse.  The desire is to have Christian counselors come to the home on a weekly basis to work with each of the boys to help in their emotional and mental recovery.  The plan is to also provide Equine therapy, as it will also be used in order to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth of the boys.  This therapy is employed to reduce suffering from traumatic, behavioral and abuse issues.  It aids the individual in building confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and in learning boundaries.

Spiritual Growth:
The boys will also partake in biblical teaching, reading and worship in order to build strong Godly character and instill their true value as Gods precious child.  When possible, we will also be providing mentoring opportunities with godly men in a safe environment that provides a positive male role model and influence in their lives.

Healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals will be provided and as much as possible organic food will be used as well as providing them the best medical and dental services available.

Family Fun & Responsibilities:

Recreational sports and home chores are also part of program to help to build strong character.  Each boy will be given every opportunity to participate in recreation and sports activities in order to building self-esteem, teamwork and confidence.  They will also be given age appropriate chores around the home from cleaning their own room, to helping with meals and to helping maintain the yard.  This is meant to build a strong work ethic, responsibilities to a family, character and to teach life skills as they grow to become men. 

Pray that God will provide the resources to make this home a reality and to impact the lives of these boys for eternity.

Please pray with us that:

- God will lead us to exactly where He wants us to open Angel Ranch.
- God will provide the land and the buildings for these boys.
- God will provide the staff needed to help these boys.
- God will provide the financial resources.

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. Luke 17:2 ESV