Breaking the Silence

  Transforming the broken man into God’s warrior





into God's warrior




the spirit, mind and soul

Breaking the Silence is a unique men’s biblical support group that focuses on men who were sexually abused or sex trafficked as children.  These men have been silent, hurting and feeling that they are alone with no relief in sight.

Present your bodies as a living sacrifice,

holy and acceptable to God,

which is your spiritual worship.

Do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewal of your mind
Romans 12:1-2 ESV

While abused boys and men face many of the same issues as girls and women, there are also many unique issues that they face because they are males.  There are so many resources for women who were sexually abused and almost a total absence of resources for men who were also victims.  Society has come to accept that girls and women are abused, and there is a large outreach to help them. However, for boys and men, there is still such a negative stigma attached to their abuse that they remain silent and keep their hurt hidden deep inside.  This pain comes out in so many different negative ways for a man, shame, guilt, addictions, adultery, pornography, self-destructive tendencies, troubled marriages, broken families, shattered relationships, issues at work and many more ways.  All of this impacts our culture negatively.

With this biblical support group, men are able to face their issues alongside other men and lay counsellors as they walk through the emotional, mental and spiritual healing process.  With this iron sharpens iron relationship; they are no longer alone.  They will be able to understand the root cause of many of their issues that are impacting their lives and those around them, due to their abuse.  Throughout the healing process, their true identity begins to come forth as a child of God, and a warrior for Christ.  As the lives of these men are transformed, there will also be a transformation in their marriages, families, their work environment, their church and even the culture around them.